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What Clients Say About Working With Me

Image by Ren Ran

“Mairi was our birth doula for our first born baby in January of 2022 and I can't thank her enough. We immediately gelled and felt very comfortable working as a team with her. Mairi brought a wealth of knowledge and guidance to the table (literally!) and let us decide what worked for us and what didn't. Mairi helped us to realize we had so many options during labor. Had it not been for her I wouldn't have known that I had a choice in how my labor was managed. Mairi checked in with us via text of phone call, practiced labor techniques at in person sessions and helped me explore my fear and take hold of it! When the big day arrived Mairi went above and beyond. She arrived early and stayed late. She slept by my side in our hospital room when this was absolutely not required of her. Mairi was there to amplify my voice, not speak for me, and there were many times she reiterated things I was saying to my midwife team. I truly felt heard and respected. Mairi helped with all of my comfort measures to the candles I wanted in the room, the affirmations on the wall, breathing, touch, smells, silence and more. With persmission, Mairi took photos and documented my labor and the birth of my baby. Her services are invaluable. She has a warm heart and truly cares about you, your partner and your baby. I felt completely in control even when things deviated from the birth plan. We have Mairi to thank for such an empowering birth experience. Thank you Mairi, I am forever thankful.”



For you & baby; you decide where and how to give birth, and how to parent


I will be my authentic self and tell you the truth


Trust and elevate you in your decisions and knowing of what is right for you and your baby


Help inform your decisions and boost your confidence

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