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Doula Mairi

Birth & Postpartum Support

Support for you as you prepare for, welcome and adjust to life with a new baby. Amplifying your voice and supporting your autonomy.

Serving the SF Peninsula

San Mateo & Santa Clara County

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For you & baby; you decide where and how to give birth, and how to parent


I will be my authentic self and tell you the truth


Trust and elevate you in your decisions and knowing of what is right for you and your baby


Help inform your decisions and boost your confidence

Doula Mairi

Hi! I’m Mairi (she/her), a Certified Birth and Postpartum Doula! I am passionate about supporting you during your pregnancy, labor and beyond.  I want to help you have a positive birth experience and connect to your intuition. I believe our bodies were designed to give birth and I will believe in you! Bodily autonomy and consent are extremely important to me and I want to help you take charge of your birth and postpartum journey. With my biology background and my holistic doula training, I bring the best of both worlds and provide well rounded support. I serve the SF Peninsula from Burlingame to San Jose in hospitals, birth centers and at home births.

I welcome birthing people of all identities, backgrounds and family structures. I feel what is most important is for us to feel a connection. I am here with an open heart to support and witness you.


My Services


Birth Doula

Prenatal planning and education, continuity of care, on-call for your labor and postpartum support.


Postpartum Day Support

Emotional, physical and educational support for you and your little one after the birth. This support is for the whole family.

Mairi helped me realize a truly magical and authentic birth experience. My birth, like all births, was not "easy" or pain-free, but it was a life changing moment that helped me step into motherhood in the best possible way. Mairi was absolutely critical in helping me and my husband experience such a beautiful moment. Her thorough sessions, her honesty and her calm energy were exactly what my husband and I needed to prepare us have a natural hospital birth. She coached us in a caring, hollistic and respectful manner. She answered all of our questions and gave us many resources to further explore topics we wanted to dive into. Her evidence-based approach does not leave any taboos untackled, allowing me to free myself from misconceptions and own this experience 100%, making it one of - if not the - most meaningful moment I ever lived. Most importantly, we never felt judged for the choices we felt we wanted to make during the birth of our daughter. I loved the debrief session with her after I gave birth. Mairi opened a hollistic door I want to keep exploring as I become a new mother. I could not recommend Mairi enough.”


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